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In 2016  I graduated from Pulse College with a first-class honours degree in Music Production, having being an audio hobbyist for years. For the last 4 years now I have been operating freelance, mainly around Dublin but I do travel when needed. My passion is recording, editing and mixing music. I’ll make sure your finished product is exactly what you wanted and more. This means I’ll devote my time to you in order to help you realise the best version of your song. My studio is a small but lean operation, where we can create your recordings in a nurturing, supportive, low pressure environment. Unless, y'know, deadlines! ;-)


Together we can create something wonderful. My studio has all the equipment necessary to create songs, audiobooks,  voiceovers,  sound effects for commercial projects, small films, and personal projects. I am also upgrading my studio in 2020 with new monitors, microphones and outboard. I have good relationships with larger studios for larger projects.

Also, check out the very informative podcast which I've been editing for Via Production in Oregon, USA since early 2019

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This was one of my first jobs after graduating from Pulse in 2016. This is a Hallowe'en trailer, a deliberate pastiche of "IT", commissioned by the Harbour Bar in Bray.  I was given the video and some clips of dialogue and I filled in the rest with exciting and dramatic trailer music and sound effects. I also edited the vocal tracks for added effect - especially noticeable for the lines "you'll float too!". I've done quite a few short film scores since.

Featured Track

This is a lovely track that I'm very happy with. It started life as a rock groove reminiscent of Bill Withers playing a Faith No More song. It ended up like this; a slower, moodier, cinematic protest song with real strings (by the Bohemian string quartet composed and scored by me, and additional sound design and effects and lots and lots of editing and arranging. Song performed by Mick Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies (with some additional bass guitar from me). Recorded in Windmill Lane studios and my home studio. Enjoy!


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Skerries. Co. Dublin, Ireland


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