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This is the control position in my little studio where I work. This studio is ideal for singers, voice artists, guitarists and other small instrumentalists to record in a more leisurely way than booking larger studios and being under money/time pressure. I can record anything you like, grand piano, drums, strings section etc. in larger studios, and get good rates for doing so, but most of my work is done here. I record and edit audio, and program very realistic virtual instruments and samplers etc. to enhance embellish your recordings, be it for music, film, advertising, podcast, audiobook, theatre sound, whatever you need.

My studio is an analogue/digital hybrid. I have a mac min running Pro Tools 2020, ( I am a certified AVID user/operator) running a Universal Apollo x4 audio interface. I have an additional 8 channels of ADAT from a MOTU Octopre and MOTU 828. I have a variety of external channel strips, compressors, EQs and preamps from Focusrite, Warm Audio, SSL, FMR and TL-audio, all run on a Furman power conditioner.

Acoustic treatment and Sonarworks room calibration software yields a tight, controlled but natural sound that you can trust, along with Adam A7X monitors and various other secondary monitors: Alesis, Avantone-clones, AIWA hi-fi speakers, M-audio Sub monitor, little mono bluetooth speakers, laptop and mobile testers too.

Microphones: I have a small but well-chosen collection of microphones for every occasion.

2xAKG C414 XLII matched pair - just pure silky audio perfection! 

Warm Audio 251 "an all vacuum tube, large diaphragm, transformer balanced, multi-pattern, large condenser microphone, based on the classic ‘251 that has been used on countless hit records for the last 50+ years."

Electrovoice RE20 - THE classic broadcast microphone - I usually pair this with a Triton Fethead.

Samson VR-88 mic - a lesser known but VERY nice modern ribbon microphone.


Rode NT-5 matched pair of small pencil condenser mics - great on guitar.

T-Bone-SCT700 - a great vacuum tube condensor!

There's other standards like SM57s and the like...Sennheiser e906...Samson CO2..more in the closet for sure!


20201007_205007 (1).jpg

In addition to your own instruments, I can also add great basslines using my Alembic 5 string bass, Tony Thompson Quinta 5 string Fretless bass, or other basses like my Fender Geddy Lee Jazz, Hohner Jazz, Hohner-Steinberger Fretless bass. I have a Turkish Baglama/Saz for that eastern feel, along with Persian, African and Caribbean percussion like Darbuka, Mbira, Balofon, Claves, shakers jingly stuff, triangles, guiro, whistles.

I can add our double your guitar with my own acoustic guitars and my Variax guitar, which does a pretty fine job of emulating lots of other guitars, along with banjo and sitar...

There also an 88-key M-audio stage Piano, glockenspiels, rain sticks, melodicas, flutes....headphones from Sony, Dynaudio and Sennheiser.



SSL Fusion Mix Bus processor.

FMR RNLA Teletronix style stereo levelling compression/limiting

Warm Audio WA273-EQ 2 channels of Neve style preamp and EQ

Warm Audio Tone beast preamp

Focusrite Voicemaster

T-Audio 5051 Ivory series Channel; strip

Joe Meek VC3 Compressor Eq

Klark Technik KT76 compressor.

Two Note Le Bass Preamp

Mooer Radar speaker sim

Mooer brown Sound guitar amp

Vox small guitar amp (or bring your own!!)


ProTools 2020 and Avid complete plug-in collection with HEAT.

Logic Pro X, Cakewalk/Bandlab Sonar. Fruityloops

Most WAVES plugins

Native Instruments Complete 12 Ultimate

Many many other drum samplers, strings and other oddities from Spitfire, AIR, BFD, Audiothing, Boz Digital Labs, and many more...

Gear and studio specs

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