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Really, 2020???

Well, here's just a quick update from me. Still truckin' along, still alive (thanks). Somehow, I'm bumbling through the....the STUFF...that does be happening around us. Eyes on the prize and all that. Yes, certainly the general COVIDity has stymied a few recording projects that are ...sooooo cloooose to being finished. I was very happy to get a few EPs finished and released earlier this year in the first lockdown. You should check 'em out HERE and HERE

Now that we're heading into a second lockdown in Ireland, I aim to use Novemeber finish another track by JECK (listen to my first track for her HERE and I'm also working on new songs for yet another Mick Joyce EP. There's plenty else in the pipeline for 2021 but...until it's this space.

In addition to all that you can hear my regular work for US based science podcast A Scientist walks into a bar (HERE and also here

I've also taken the time to update this website and my studio quite a bit, and I have to say, things are sounding very good. New microphones, new acoustics, new guitars, new preamps, new monitors You can read more about all that on my new page

Suffice to say, everything's sounding that lil' bit classier. Soon I'll be running my first mixes through a newly acquired SSL Fusion mix buss processor.

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago, and I got one of E-bow!!

There are many like it in the world, but this on is mine.

I will be road-testing it (so to speak) very soon on my Variax guitar, paired also with my Apollo x4 UAD plug-ins and Mooer Brown Sound and Radar guitar amp and speaker simulator boxes. I've had a few on lend over the years; delighted to have my own one now.

Ok, that's all - I just want you to stay safe now, and if you got songs you want produced, drop me a message ;-)


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